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Colpatria: the social network visa credit card in Colombia

image-594Lenddo has launched in Colombia a new visa credit card called “Colpatria visa” backed by the consumer reputation on the social networks. An estimated of 1,000 customers in Colombia were already registered last week before the launching event of the credit card and the company CEO, Jeff Stewart, stated that it is the first time a credit card is approved based mainly in the reputation of their customers in: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. In developing countries even having a good job and high education most of the times doesn’t guarantee that the middle class can have access to a credit card.

Google+ chief resigns and posts a message online…in Google Plus

image-460Vic Gundotra, the Google+ chief, resigned this Thursday, 24th April 2014 and posted a message in Google Plus in the evening to announce that after 8 years he felt “incredibly fortunate to work with the amazing people of Google” and that he doesn’t believe that “there is a more talented and passionate collection of people anywhere else”. However, no further details were given about his decision.

Putin allies have taken over the Russian Facebook VKontakte

image-247The now ex-general director of the Russian facebook VKontakte, Pavel Durov, announced that he has been removed from his position and will leave Russia soon. The news broke out after a month of intense infighting between the Russian government and the owners of VKontakte in order to shut down groups or remove messages posted on the social network by the opposition. VKontakte is a social network very similar to Facebook and popular among ex-soviet union countries and it has an estimated of 240,000,000 registered users world-wide.