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High quality dummy iPhone 6 in white (Video)

image-704Some days ago pictures from an iPhone black mold used to create the silicone cases crowded the internet and it seems that the images leaked and posted on the different Chinese websites won’t stop. Earlier today, Steve Hemmerstoffer, re-posted on nowhereelse a video that appeared in a chinese blog 86 Digital showing a self-claimed “real iPhone 6 hands on”. This time more details can be seen such as the screen, the buttons and a complete view of how it might actually look in your hand.

Microsoft will pay 2$ in Skype credit if you change to Bing!

image-640It’s common seeing companies promoting their products or their names by asking users to subscribe to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or just like Lumia recently did, asking people to take pictures with their products and promote them all over the internet. However, this time it seems that in a rather desperate or possibly motivating move Microsoft is offering free calls credit to all the users that change their search engine to bing and their homepage to Bing.

Google smart car ready for the city! (Video)

image-631 Last week the media knew about some predictions about the Google smart car given by Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin; interestingly, yesterday, some news related to the Google self-driving car were posted on their official blog, to let everybody know that the car is ready to explore the city. The post revealed ...

Colpatria: the social network visa credit card in Colombia

image-594Lenddo has launched in Colombia a new visa credit card called “Colpatria visa” backed by the consumer reputation on the social networks. An estimated of 1,000 customers in Colombia were already registered last week before the launching event of the credit card and the company CEO, Jeff Stewart, stated that it is the first time a credit card is approved based mainly in the reputation of their customers in: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. In developing countries even having a good job and high education most of the times doesn’t guarantee that the middle class can have access to a credit card.

Robots prepare and serve your food in a restaurant (Video)

image-551In our modern daily life can be seen how humans are being slowly but surely replaced by machines or robots in different areas. Only this week several articles posted online described how technology have progressed to make machines replace humans or even take machines we already now, such a car, and convert it into a “Smart car”. However, what is a step further is a restaurant almost completely ran by robots.

Google+ chief resigns and posts a message online…in Google Plus

image-460Vic Gundotra, the Google+ chief, resigned this Thursday, 24th April 2014 and posted a message in Google Plus in the evening to announce that after 8 years he felt “incredibly fortunate to work with the amazing people of Google” and that he doesn’t believe that “there is a more talented and passionate collection of people anywhere else”. However, no further details were given about his decision.