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Powermat wireless charging in all USA Starbucks (Video)

image-927Today Duracell and Starbucks have announced that they have already started a nation-wide rollout of powermat wireless charging in all the Starbucks stores within the United States.   The Starbucks stores in the San Francisco Bay area will be the first ones to enjoy this services and it is expected to have in each shop certain “Powermat spots” in which customers can wirelessly charged their devices while enjoying a coffee or any of the Starbucks products available in-store.

The UK is getting ready for smart cars to catch-up with Google

image-914The British science minister, David Willetts, declared to Mail Online that “the current Highway Code and rules of the road are inadequate for the new generation of vehicles which pilot themselves” and current conversations being held with the UK Department for Transport are expected to eventually produce new rules to allow on the UK roads cars without anyone siting in the driving seat.

Technology to manipulate memories is a reality

image-870A research carried out at the University of California almost a year ago and just recently published in the scientific journal Nature has revealed that it is possible to selectively remove and reactivate a memory by creating a stimulus that strengthens or weakens the nerve cells (synaptic connections). In the past it was believed that memories were stored in a cell and that, for instance, a certain memory of a person would come back if that particular cell was stimulated.

Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview updated (8.10.12393.890)

image-850Yesterday, as the WWDC was happening, Microsoft released a new version of their Windows Phone 8.1 (for developers). This new update 8.10.12393.890 , as usual, doesn't seem to have a list of official changes made. However, some users started to receive the update over the air yesterday and have now confirmed that although there are minor bug fixes there are interesting new features added in this update.

WWDC: Mac OS X Yosemite new features list

image-817Apple have announced some of the new features available in Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 this Autumn. Some of the new features available in Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 will be translucent backgrounds, a search bar that connects to Wikipedia and provide more information that the current and interoperability (called by Apple "continuity").

Apple expected to show today at the WWDC: iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10

image-808This Monday, June 2nd at the Apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in San Francisco announcements related to the iOS 8 release and the upcoming Mac OS X 10.10 are expected. Despite online rumours showing new leaked images from the conference showing what seems to be the "new iPhone" or "iPhone 6", it is important to know that iPhones or iPads are traditionally not the kind of focus of this conference.

Watch out Google: Nokia invests $100 million USD to create smart car!

image-762Earlier this week Nokia has announced the creation of a $100 million USD fund to identify, invest and support companies currently developing smart car technologies. The smart car’s area has been taken first by Google, who recently tested their car in a city. However, as some other companies, Nokia has decided to join the quest of the ideal “Smart Car” through Nokia Growth Partners (NGP). Rajeev Suri, CEO and president, declared that important investments are expected to be done through Connected Card project as well as improving their current navigation app: HERE (Windows Phone).

Windows Phone 8.1 change tiles background and swype (Video)

image-710Windows Phone 8.1 have introduced an important number of different features in this new version. Today we wanted to share a feature similar to the “swype feature” in Android that allows users to draw on their keyboard in order to have the words typed and another feature that finally allow users to change the tiles background colour for a picture.