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iPhone 6 will support NFC and will have an A8 chip (confirmed)

image-1123In addition to our previous note (in Spanish), it has now been confirmed by VentureBeat that the upcoming iPhone 6 will have support for NFC and then there should be a payment platform likely to be Visa Checkout.
  This week started with an important number of rumours related to the iPhone 6 NFC support and the possibility of an agreement between Visa and Apple in order to handle payments through their visa checkout programme. It is also expected to see in the future both companies becoming the strongest competitor to PayPal checkout.

Windows Phone 8.1.14147.180 (Preview for Developers Update)

image-1065Today Microsoft has released a new update for Windows Phone 8.1 Developers preview but not yet the Lumia Cyan update.

The update notifies that the following features are available: create folders on your start screen to keep apps organised, select multiple text messages and forward them as one and more!.

After the update the 'Photos' tile changes temporarily to some crayons instead of showing the current photos saved in the mobile phone but after using the photos tile it goes back to normal.

iPhone 6 release and launch date leaked!

image-1048After the golden luxury version of the iPhone 6 appeared it seems that most of the new features of this much bigger iPhone are already well known and could be summarised as: a new sapphire screen, a 4.7” screen, iOS 8. However, the release and launch dates rumours seemed to be slightly quieter and everything was limited to “it is expected to be released at some point in September”.   That might start to be different from now due to employees from the Apple store starting to leak information about the release and launch dates.

Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan is now available!

image-976This is the week that Microsoft announced the official launch of their new Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia Cyan) and it seems that it already started rolling out in different countries. There are confirmed reports of its availability in: Argentina, Finland, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey which already have started to receive an update to Windows Phone 8.10.12397.895.

According to information posted on Microsoft’s India official twitter account, this week Windows Phone 8.1 should be available in India and some other markets. Update 16/JUL/2014: now available in Latin America, Europe and the middle east