Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.14192.280) Critical Update

Microsoft has rolled out a new critical update 8.10.14192.280 for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer's preview.

According to Microsoft this update “contains our usual scope of fixes and improvements. We’re requiring this update so we can continue to test our update systems”.

The update is mandatory and if you decide not to install it will be installed anyway automatically after 72 hours. So, if someone thought that they could decide whether or not to install certain updates then it is now clear that Microsoft can decide that for you.

In the meantime users have started to post messages on the Microsoft website asking whether this update will fix bugs such as the one that apparently makes the Nokia Lumia 930 overheating on the lower right corner or the WiFi failing after coming out from standby or some other bugs happening with the Lumia 1020.