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Yesterday Windows 10 was announced and a clear “yes” was heard to the question: is Windows 10 the next version of Windows Phone as well?, that answer might not make it official or give many details but it says that those are the plans that Microsoft have for their mobile OS.

Windows Phone started back in 2010 and has slowly gained some users but with the introduction of the previous version “Windows Phone 8.1” it was clear the pursuit of an an universal Windows application that could be downloaded from the Windows Store and then run in either a tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

Windows 10 for smartphones might represent a new version of “universal apps” available from the Windows Store with a brand new name. However, although a version was released for x86 users (desktops and tablets), it is still unclear whether the Windows Phone store will merge with the Windows Store and whether a new “Windows 10” version for mobile phone will indeed be released.

Compatibility problems brought by the introduction of Windows Phone 8 have made some Windows Phone 7 devices and apps obsolete and although Windows Phone 8.1 has just recently been rolled out it is not yet confirmed whether a new Windows Phone 10 (for smartphones) will make Windows Phone 8.1 outdated. Logic says that they should be compatible but we might have to wait until Microsoft reveals more details about the fate of Windows Phone.