Lanzamiento del iPhone 6

Following the news that confirmed the NFC chip and spread rumours about an agreement with Visa to beat Paypal, this morning, Bloomberg confirmed that Visa Inc., Mastercard Inc. and American Express Co. have signed an agreement with Apple to allow mobile payments using the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip included in the new iPhone.

It has been reported that, although companies such as Google have invested in providing technology to allow mobile payments, the process has been adopted slowly due to the vast majority of shop users in the US actually own an iPhone and not an Android device.

Introducing an iPayments platform with the new iPhone 6 would significantly increase the number of mobile payments and sales and would certainly set a new standard in the upcoming years.

Recode revealed that part of the process of the new iPayments platform might require the card to be approved for “mobile payments” so it can later be easily used from the iPhone to make payments.

Without a doubt, there are big expectations for the Apple event this September, 9th 2014 and, hopefully, with the introduction of the iWatch, iPhone 6 and possibly a new iPad most people won't be disappointed.