iPhone 6 release and launch dates

After the golden luxury version of the iPhone 6 appeared it seems that most of the new features of this much bigger iPhone are already well known and could be summarised as: a new sapphire screen, a 4.7” screen, iOS 8. However, the release and launch dates rumours seemed to be slightly quieter and everything was limited to “it is expected to be released at some point in September”.

That might start to be different from now due to employees from the Apple store starting to leak information about the release and launch dates.

According to Mac Rumors an Apple store source allegedly said that September 9th 2014 would be the iPhone 6 release day and Tuesday, October 14th it is expected to be the launch day in which the iPhone will be available.

October it is also likely to be the month in which the iWatch, MacBooks and new iPads will be shown although details of an iPhone 5.5-inch version remain unknown. Past rumours seemed to say that a bigger iPhone might only happen in 2015.

UPDATE 05/AUG/2014: It has been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal that the release day will be on September, 9th and not 16th as initially thought.