half-naked in London

Yesterday, Friday 13th June 2014, employees and founders from a company based in London decided to go half naked as part of a marketing stunt to promote an internet website that allows people to transfer money between countries cheaper than a bank do or was it indeed to promote fair fees as they said?

Companies are using a wide range of strategies to promote their services or products and this time we could eyewitness how this campaign actually made people ask themselves: who are they? what are they doing? why are they doing it?. However, at least in some of the locations, the only phrase that could be heard was the name of the company in the form of employees chanting, a sometimes barely understandable “Transferwise”, more than actually telling the bystanders the reasons why they were going half-naked for some minutes. Maybe giving some sort of short speech in some locations would have made even more people to remember them but, needless to say, the idea made people around them very aware of the brand.

In a city like London, where every other day people do unusual things to catch the commuters or tourists’ attention, it seems that targeting potential customers without TV ads is an effective way to persuade them to, at least, find more information about the company and possibly use their services. The question is: will people get tired of it at some point and then will they start ignoring such stunts as they do with some TV ads? we hope they don't!