Wireless charging

Today Duracell and Starbucks have announced that they have already started a nation-wide rollout of powermat wireless charging in all the Starbucks stores within the United States.

The Starbucks stores in the San Francisco Bay area will be the first ones to enjoy this services and it is expected to have in each shop certain “Powermat spots” in which customers can wirelessly charged their devices while enjoying a coffee or any of the Starbucks products available in-store.

Wireless charging coverage in US

Certain shops in Boston and San Jose also offer wireless charging through Powermat and the other public locations can be seen here:

Wireless charging in Europe

Starbucks only announced that within this year it is expected to launch the wireless charging service in Europe but the place or estimated date was not published. However, it is known that Mc Donald's last year performed certain tests in some Mc Donald's tables in Europe in the iQI camp.

The technology is there and it seems to be offered world-wide mainly by the two big companies: Starbucks and Mc Donald's, here we leave a video that shows more details about the powermat technology: