The British science minister, David Willetts, declared to Mail Online that “the current Highway Code and rules of the road are inadequate for the new generation of vehicles which pilot themselves” and current conversations being held with the UK Department for Transport are expected to eventually produce new rules to allow on the UK roads cars without anyone siting in the driving seat.

A fund of £10 million it is planned to be available in the UK for a whole town or city to be used as a test site for the project of driverless cars. Currently, the smart car technology is being developed in Oxford and part of the conversations with the UK Department for Transport involve considering the british version of the Google smart car despite not having as much time in development as its American counter part.

In March 2011, Steve Jurvetson (Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson), had a chance to take a ride on one of the Google driverless smart cars and the video effortlessly make you feel the excitement of being a passenger of a car that can drive itself.

The following video shows the test drive:

Recently, in May 2014 the project considerably evolved and instead of using a Toyota prius a more customised Google Smart car was built and it was tested by a different generation of passengers:

Regardless the road miles that the Google smart car might have, the UK is decided to catch up and potentially have their own Oxford smart car on the British roads as soon as possible.