Windows Phone update 8.10.12393.890

Yesterday,  as the WWDC was happening, Microsoft released a new version of their Windows Phone 8.1 (for developers). This new update 8.10.12393.890 , as usual, doesn't seem to have a list of official changes made. However, some users started to receive the update over the air yesterday and have now confirmed that although there are minor bug fixes there are interesting new features added in this update.

New features available in Windows phone 8.1 (update 8.10.12393.890)

  • The boot screen has changed from the words “Windows Phone” to the Windows’ Flag for some users coming from earlier versions
  • Now it seems possible to pair 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. So, it would be possible to, for instance, pair Music audio to a device and Phone audio to another.
  • In the messaging app: the back button now takes the user to the previous app instead of going to “All threads”
  • Pin to start: websites that were selected to appear at the start screen will now show the website's icon. It seems that a preview of the page could be seen if there's no favourite icon.
  • Quiet hours feature updated so it works outside Cortana as well (US only)
  • Some users claim that now is faster
  • Improvements in the Spanish (Spain) wizard's voice: messages, notes, searches and “this phone”.
  • Bug fix: Adobe reader doesn't crash for some users.
  • Bug fix: Sound in here drive+ (Dutch) no works again.