WWDC 2014

This Monday, June 2nd at the Apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in San Francisco announcements related to the iOS 8 release and the upcoming Mac OS X 10.10 are expected. Despite online rumours showing new leaked images from the conference showing what seems to be the “new iPhone” or “iPhone 6”, it is important to know that iPhones or iPads are traditionally not the kind of focus of this conference.

The WWDC is a conference in which top Apple software developers meet to learn and exchange ideas about the newest guidelines to create apps for products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac Book or any other hardware produced by Apple.

In the past this conference and the material provided in it was part of the NDA (non disclosure agreement) and it was forbidden for the participants to reveal details is the material provided or the keynotes itself, nevertheless, over the last years Apple have made the keynote available to the public although the material and certain details given to the participants remain confidential.

When does the WWDC start and where can it be seen?

The event is scheduled to start at 10 AM (PDT) local time (6 PM London) and it is expected to be available online from here.

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