Nokia creates smart carEarlier this week Nokia has announced the creation of a $100 million USD fund to identify, invest and support companies currently developing smart car technologies.

The smart car's area has been taken first by Google, who recently tested their car in a city. However, as some other companies, Nokia has decided to join the quest of the ideal “Smart Car” through Nokia Growth Partners (NGP). Rajeev Suri, CEO and president, declared that important investments are expected to be done through the Connected Car project as well as improving their current navigation app: HERE (Windows Phone).

Michael Halbherr, CEO of HERE, had also confirmed that this new project will aim to offer a precise location awareness software connected to a device and therefore to a car that, in the future, would help drivers to have better view of the world around them as they drive.

Nokia has been working for more than 25 years in automotive software and they currently provide maps to Microsoft, Yahoo y Amazon. It is expected that this project will particularly consider the innovating markets of China and India where new technologies are being developed. Will Nokia reach the Google level soon?