Windows Phone 8.1 change tiles background

Windows Phone 8.1 have introduced an important number of different features in this new version. Today we wanted to share a feature similar to the “swype feature” in Android that allows users to draw on their keyboard in order to have the words typed and another feature that finally allow users to change the tiles background colour for a picture.

The start+theme menu

In order to change the home screen, it is required to go to “Settings” and then “star+theme”. From there it will be possible to change the tiles colour as usual but also the following:

  • Start background (you can choose any photo you want)
  • Show more tiles (you can have a third column of tiles)

  • Show tiles

    Windows Phone 8.1 change tiles background

    The following video quickly shows how the “drawing on the keyboard” works on Windows Phone 8.1 and how the new tiles with image background looks.