High quality dummy iPhone 6

Some days ago pictures from an iPhone black mold used to create the silicone cases crowded the internet and it seems that the images leaked and posted on the different Chinese websites won't stop.

Earlier today, Steve Hemmerstoffer, re-posted on nowhereelse a video that appeared in a chinese blog 86 Digital showing a self-claimed “real iPhone 6 hands on”. This time more details can be seen such as the screen, the buttons and a complete view of how it might actually look in your hand.

Needless to say that this week most of the leaks are coming from China and providers or people in Europe or US haven't came across any other relevant details.

This new prototype goes a step further in comparison to a previous leak in which a black dummy phone can be seen. Possibly more images or videos will appear soon but in the meantime here's a video of the latest leaked image and the first of this month.

High quality dummy iPhone 6