Google smart car ready for the city

Last week the media knew about some predictions about the Google smart car given by Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin; interestingly, yesterday, some news related to the Google self-driving car were posted on their official blog, to let everybody know that the car is ready to explore the city.

The post revealed that over the last year Google has been focused on mastering driving around the city something that, opposed to driving on the motorway, implies recognition of moving objects, obstacles and people changing their position constantly. Therefore, Google has improved their software and they claim that the smart car can identify pedestrians, buses and even making gestures that indicate a possible turn.

For this project Google has recorded thousands of kilometres around their hometown in Mountain View, California and they hope that in the near future they can move to nearby towns, nevertheless, they have mentioned that first they must solve certain problems and teach the Google smart car to drive more streets around the Google headquarters.

Similar to the robots that prepare food in a chinese restaurant, the Google car won't get tired and, even better, it might be a good choice to reduce car accidents in the future.

Google self-driving car project