Robots prepare and serve your food in a restaurant

In our modern daily life can be seen how humans are being slowly but surely replaced by machines or robots in different areas. Only this week several articles posted online described how technology have progressed to make machines replace humans or even take machines we already now, such a car, and convert it into a “Smart car”. However, what is a step further is to see how robots prepare and serve your food in a restaurant.

In a restaurant located in Heilongjiang Province (China), 20 robots have been hired to
prepare, serve food and even to sing to the owners as they enjoy a meal, nevertheless, humans are still required to perform their duties of pressing a button and make the magic happen as well as filling in the containers that have the raw ingredients that the robots will use later.

The process of ordering food in the restaurant

The process of ordering food is as follows:

  1. A person goes to a restaurant and ask for a menu
  2. The person chooses something from the menu
  3. A human tells the robot chef what to cook
  4. The robot chef prepares the food
  5. The robot waiter takes the food to the table
  6. Enjoy your meal!

Possibly in the future the robot chef can load the raw ingredients itself but due to the current value of this robots, approximately 30,000 USD, any improvement of the tasks they currently perform might need to wait some years. However, having those staff members will definitely help curious and regular customers to visit the restaurant and for the owners would be a relieve not to have to allow them to take holidays.

Video: Robots prepare and serve your food