cloak an antisocial network app

Most of the social networking apps attempt to get you closer to people you know. Those apps reveal your friends’ location and allow you to interact with them. Sounds good, doesn't it? but are all the people in your friends list actually your friends?

Since Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and some other social networking apps appeared it seems that many people have had to keep “old friends” (exes?), add new friends or aquaintances without really wanting to have them as part of their friends. Therefore those “friends” are kept in a closed and almost abandoned group isolated from the rest just keeping them to avoid hurting someone, having an argument or an uncomfortable moment in real life. So, if some of those situations sounded a bit familar then Cloak is the app for you!

Cloak is an app that uses the social networks to track or spy your “friends”, exes, unpleasant co-workers and some other people that you would rather avoid than talk to them. This app uses the social networks to check their last known location and warns you if they are nearby.

If you are reading this from an iPhone or an iPad you can try the app here.

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